3D Printing Voice News – Investors First?

  Listen to this quick broadcast about putting investors first!

3D Printing Podcast – Are CAD Files Too Big?

Check out this 3d Printing podcast- The Voice Of The Industry. It asks: Are CAD files too big for 3D Printing?

3D Printing Podcast Discusses General Business Issues – The 7 Elements Of A Sale


What are the 7 elements of every sale? Listen to this quick podcast and listen for yourself!

3D Printing Radio – How Do You Handle 3D Printing Investors

Put the investor first? Check out this quick 3D Printing Podcast and listen for yourself

3D Printing Podcast -Is There A Way To Keep Things Simple In 3D Printing Marketing?

simple advertising

Making things simple is complicated! To speak plain and clear you need time and depth; like an iceberg – a quiet crystal peak above the waters holds centuries of frozen storms underneath. Complication becomes simple to us after a long journey of forgetting everything we learned in schools; forgetting, not ignoring. You […] Read more »

3D Printing Business Advice – Why is Sales Such an Unpopular Word?

Why is “sales” such an unpopular term?  Listen to a couple of guys whose careers started in sales discuss the use and misuse of the term: “sales”

3D Printing Leadership Advice – Micro Management as a Technique in 3D Printing Firms

Hear Dan Suib speak on Micro Management, and of course why it shouldn’t be practiced! 3D Printing Voice podcasts are designed to help firms succeed in the 3D Printing Market place. For more business help, try the 3D Printing MBA.

3D Printing Business Training – Bad Management Techniques in 3D Printing

Dan Suib, leadership guru speaks about bad management techniques he’s seen used by 3D Printing firms. Dan is a contributor to the most popular online course in 3D Printing, the 3D Printing MBA.

Leadership Training for 3D Printing Companies – People are Islands

leadership training

Are people islands? Listen to a 3D Printing MBA instructor speak about leadership and how it applies to 3D Printing.

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