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3D Printing Leadership Advice – Micro Management as a Technique in 3D Printing Firms

Hear Dan Suib speak on Micro Management, and of course why it shouldn’t be practiced! 3D Printing Voice podcasts are designed to help firms succeed in the 3D Printing Market place. For more business help, try the 3D Printing MBA.

3D Printing Leadership Training – Dan Suib on Turning Managers into 3D Printing Leaders

3d printing trainer

Here Dan Suib speak about turning 3D Printing managers into 3D Printing leaders! Dan is part of the Association of 3D Printing’s team of experts helping 3D Printing firms succeed int the marketplace.   For more on the Association of 3D Printing, visit www.3dchamber.com Check out out also at http://facebook.com/3dchamber

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