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3D Printing Voice News – Investors First?

  Listen to this quick broadcast about putting investors first!

3D Printing Radio – How Do You Handle 3D Printing Investors

Put the investor first? Check out this quick 3D Printing Podcast and listen for yourself

3D Printing Funding- Podcast on Challenges in 3D Printing Industry

3D Printing Companies have special challenges when they look for funding. The 3D Printing Industry is new. It’s controversial. And the message needs to be simple. Listen to a professional fundraiser and hear her views.

Funding for 3D Printing Companies- Podcast on Getting Fundable

Can you get funded? This 2 minute podcast can mean the difference for you. Get funded. Get your 3D Printing Company funded.

3D Printing Funding Podcast- Company Executives Can Kill the Deal

Can people who need funding be “in their own way?”  Many firms in the 3D Printing Industry are not getting funded because of themselves! Listen to this 2 Minute Podcast and avoid these mistakes!

3D Printing Company Funding- Reward The Investors First

Don’t make this fatal flaw when funding your 3D Printing Company! Get advice from the fundraising experts.

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