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3D Printing Podcast – Are CAD Files Too Big?

Check out this 3d Printing podcast- The Voice Of The Industry. It asks: Are CAD files too big for 3D Printing?

3D Printing Radio – How Do You Handle 3D Printing Investors

Put the investor first? Check out this quick 3D Printing Podcast and listen for yourself

3D Printing Funding Podcast- Company Executives Can Kill the Deal

Can people who need funding be “in their own way?”  Many firms in the 3D Printing Industry are not getting funded because of themselves! Listen to this 2 Minute Podcast and avoid these mistakes!

Live From the 3D Printing Conference- Keynote Speaker Review

“Craftsmanship is being democratized” says the CEO of 3D Systems at the conference. Our corespondent is on the scene now.

3D Printing Radio- Live From the 3D Printing Conference

Josh Jacobson is live at the 3D Printing Conference in San Jose, California. There seems to be a lot of new innovations and new interest in the 3D Printing Channel.    

3D Printing Podcast- An Introduction to the Voice of 3D Printing

Introduction to the Voice of 3D Printing.

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